Permanent hair removal

The good news
No more waxing, plucking, epilating, depilating, threading or electrolysis – only smooth confidence! Laser hair removal is a revolutionary technology that effectively reduces unwanted hair permanently and with minimal discomfort.

How it works
Light is emitted across a specific wavelength and is absorbed by the melanin in the targeted hairs, which permanently destroys the follicles. Owing to the cyclical nature of hair growth, usually 6 to 8 sessions are required spaced weeks apart in order to treat the hair during its growth phase (anagen).

Who is suitable for permanent hair removal?
All skin types are suitable for this treatment but only hair that has pigment can be successfully removed permanently. Hair that is blonde, light red, white or light grey cannot be treated is it has very little or no pigment.

What you will feel
Laser treatments are non-invasive and can be administered during a lunch hour with colleagues and friends being none the wiser. You will experience a heat sensation no more painful than waxing. After a few weeks the body pushes the dead roots out of the skin. The results are permanent but in some cases hormonal changes may affect future hair growth i.e. menopause, giving birth or medicated conditions e.g. diabetes and thyroid dysfunction.

How to prepare for treatment
The roots must be intact for the treatment to work so no waxing or epilating before or during a course of treatments. The area must be shaved a day or two before your session, with the exception of facial hair. You cannot have treatment if you have a deep natural tan or fake tan because this can cause the skin to blister.

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