No Bump lotion

  • GiGi no bump topical solution is the perfect product to use post hair removal treatment.
  • The perfectly formulated solution targets ingrown hairs, bumps, razor burns, redness and other skin irritations to eliminate them, leaving your skin feeling calm and super soft.
    • Specially formulated to smooth, soothe and calm the skin
    • Use after any method of hair removal, shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolysis 
    • Ideal for both men and women
    • The elimination of ingrown hair, bumps, razor burn, redness or other skin irritations
    • Works quickly, effectively and gently

Notably, the appearance of red spots are reduced by cleaning and purifies the affected 
pores and dead skin is effortless exfoliated allowing ingrown hairs to pop out easily. This formula is therefore the perfect solution to ensure not only that you receives the best result from your wax treatment but also that you can continue to obtain that result at home.

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