Body Cream

Moisturising body lotion that leaves skin feeling soft, supple and well cared for. A sensitive skin moisturiser to nourish the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and grease-free. Helps to restore the protective skin barrier and contains natural Australian Tea Tree Oil which prevents bacteria from clinging to the skin.

Nourishing and calming for all skin types leaving the skin feeling soft and supple while helping to prevent ingrown hairs. The ideal daily body moisturiser and after-sun treatment. Easily absorbed with no drying time.

Specially designed to sooth your skin, preventing itchiness and reduces irritations on hands, feet, back, chest, arms, and groin. Contains natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, used for centuries for skin discomfort and irritation. Suitable for all skin types, especially after sunbathing or hair removal.

Contains Tea Tree Oil which counteracts unwanted bacterial growth. Lactic Acid Esters maintain the skin’s hydration, and Bisabolol soothes whilst Allantoin reduces irritation and soothes damaged skin.

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