Microwaveable Wheat Bags

Microwaveable Wheat Bags and Lavender Wheat Bag

Our microwaveable wheat bags and lavender wheat bags are perfect for when you're feeling cold, stressed or suffering from tense muscles and aches.

Each is handmade in England and are available in a range of beautiful fabrics.   Duo Fabric Wheat Bags are made from 100% comforting cotton with a soft fleece backing, Cotton Wheat Bags are made from 100% Cotton or Fleece Wheat Bags are made from soft & cosy fleece.

Suitable for all ages over 36 months, they comply with British Safety Standards.

Simply place in a clean microwave with a rotary table for 1-2 minutes maximum on a medium setting.
They are also perfect for using as a cool pack, place in the freezer for up to 1 hour to relieve pain.

Choose Between Pure Wheat or Lavender Wheat Bags

Each wheat bag is filled with 100% cleaned English Wheat and you can choose to add optional Lavender buds. Lavender wheat bags are heavenly scented and aid rest and relaxation. Often used for meditation or as a sleep aid, the lavender scent can be replenished over time with a few drops of our Pure English Lavender oil. 

Microwaveable Wheat Bag Uses – Heat Therapy

We have all suffered with neck pain from sleeping or aching muscles after exercise. Microwaveable wheat bags are used warm for the treatment of minor injuries. A natural heat therapy remedy which can be used time and again as opposed to disposable microwaveable heat packs. Simply place in a clean microwave with a rotary table for 1-2 minutes on a medium setting for instant warmth. Perfect for when you are feeling chilly, stressed or suffering from tense muscles and aches.  

Wheat Bag Uses - Cold Therapy Treatment 

Reduce high temperatures, swelling or relieve migraine headaches using a chilled wheat bag. Just place your wheat bag in the freezer for up to an hour and use directly on a bump or bruise. Placed cool on the forehead, wheat bags are a natural cold therapy providing migraine and headache relief and helping to bring down fever.  

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